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We understand the importance of every single review and perform 5-star hotel-like cleanings as well as staging; and finish every turnover with our “signature hospitality touches” to create an even better experience for incoming guests. We offer all the services to help you provide the best hospitality experience to your guests.


Yes, you read that right – essentially you don’t have to spend one single dollar on us. If you set your cleaning fee on Airbnb, Homeaway or other vacation sites accordingly, then your guests directly pay for our services. This makes it a pass-through cost and you keep 100% of the revenues from your bookings.

Hiring us means automation and consistency

We want to get to know you and your rental and learn about your exact needs and expectations before we get started. We are well aware of the fact that a short-term rental turnover cleaning is very different from an average home cleaning. For that reason we created an extensive On boarding form based on our experience managing vacation rentals ourselves, to gather the necessary information to put in our system. This allows us to deliver a perfect and smooth turnover based on your exact needs and expectations. No matter which of our well-trained housekeepers is performing the cleaning and turnover service, they will deliver exactly what you ask for.

Forming strong relationships that are built on trust is one of our most important company values. We want you to get to know us so you feel great working with us and comfortable giving us access to your property. Therefore we offer an initial phone call and/or in-person walkthrough, where you can meet one of our team members and discuss all details of your place.

After our first turnover cleaning, we ask you to do a cleaning quality check and provide us your honest feedback. This will be the standard throughout all of the upcoming turnovers and we want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our work so you have peace of mind and you know that your place will be perfectly clean and 100% guest-ready, every single time.

The difference to your average cleaning company


  • Founders are industry experts and understand the cleaning industry and vacation rental market as well as today’s guest expectations
  • Jireh performs 5-star hotel-like cleaning and staging and finishes every turnover with it’s “signature hospitality touches” to make incoming guests feel even more comfortable and happy
  • We are not an average cleaning company. We perform inspections, do maintenance and damage reports, re-stocking service, welcome gifts and key exchange/ check-in service
  • Jireh takes the hassle out of turnovers and delivers a worry-free experience to hosts
  • We offer all the services to help you provide the best hospitality experience to your guests
  • We know the importance of 5-star ratings and therefore quality check every single turnover cleaning to make sure the place is 100% guest-ready
  • Our new client on-boarding form – which we go through with you to get all the important information about your cleaning request and your exact needs and expectations
  • No need to train new cleaners over and over again and explain everything from scratch
  • Jireh will make you feel like our housekeepers are your in-house cleaners, but without the hassle of managing them, the risk and the high costs
  • Our turnover specialists/ housekeepers go through a rigorous training program and have to study our cleaning handbook, checklists and culture book
  • If requested, we leave our 100%-guest-ready checklist with a call-back number for guests (we’ll come back for free if we missed a spot)
  • 99% of the time we are more flexible than any other cleaning company and we accept last-minute bookings or “emergency cleanings”
  • Easy booking process and seamless communication will give you the best customer service experience
  • Jireh has the same goal in mind as you and is working hard and often behind the curtain to make sure all your turnovers are smooth, the cleanings are spotless and that ultimately your guests are happy
  • We are building strong and long-lasting business relationships

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